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With great extensibility comes great responsibility...

Question asked by Rhys Kirk Champion on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by ernstamort

Are OSIsoft planning any ability to categorise & control extensible symbols into PI Coresight? Let me elaborate...


The extensibility is great, awesome in fact, but I'm starting to wonder about a flood of custom symbols within PI Coresight that could potentially cause clutter. What I am asking about here is whether there it is on the road map to provide a categorized view of symbols installed on a PI Coresight instance? Something like the Control Toolbox in Visual Studio.


Secondly, I am starting to wonder about exposing too many symbols to specific users. Are there any plans for an administrator to be able to specify groups of users (via AF Identities or whatever) who should be able to have specific symbols at their disposal? It is technically possible right now to embed that type of logic within the symbol at configuration time, but I am thinking about a built-in mechanism of PI Coresight to manage custom symbols.


Tom LeBay

Jason Golla