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Access the PI coresight website via mobile or pad

Question asked by Charles Zhang Champion on Jul 15, 2016
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I am just trying the PI coresight 2016 via mobile phone or iPad. Currently, I had loaded the PI coresight on my testing application server. As a domain user, they could access the coresight website via LAN from their PC.  The environment for the coresight just like this, Windows server 2008 r2, PI coresight 2016, PI AF 2016. I already loaded the coresight MUI and the page could show the local language correctly.


Now, I have a few questions here,


1.  I imported the display to PI coresight website. Some of the Process book display has the local language. These displays has wild code as showing on the coresight page.


2.       As the coresight document, I could refer the display in coresight as the URL address. I want to know if I update or overwrite the display with the same file. How can I update the URL? Also, is there some method to export the URL list contain the URL and display file name? 

3.       Currently, we want to use the mobile to view the display and pages on the coresight website.  Shall I publish the coresight address to internet or use
the “coresight” app to access the applications? Can you please have a little explain the difference of the infrastructure for these two modes?

4.       I’d like to enable the PI coresight website has a SSL access when use login the website. How can I configuration on the PI coresight website? On term of this topic, what is the necessary security configuration to enable the internet access via mobile device? 

5.       I set a list of “import folder” for the displays. Currently, these displays are belonged to the import account (administrator). Actually, I want to set the access
rights for each user. Normally, I could click on each display and grant the access. Shall I have the batch method to complete this task? 

6.       I have the default user group on the coresight machine, which are coresight admin, coresight users. Is that possible to create more groups and grant the different access right for the “import” displays?


Thanks in advance!


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