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AF Rollup - how to specify to use a SubAttribute

Question asked by calmandrysdale Champion on Jul 12, 2016
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Hola all,


The Issue

I would like to do an average rollup on all child elements of an element that have the attribute Value|Alarm. The Attribute Name does not allow me to enter a "|" to specify a sub attribute. I am confused as to how to configure a subattribute to be rolled up?


I am using PI 2015 and PI System Explorer 2015 R2.

The rollup is currently set as a periodic, running daily at 12:00am.



I attempted to enter the attribute name Value|Alarm with Attribute Level at Child Level however i still could not enter a "|".

2016-07-12 - Remote Desktop Connection.png



I then attempted to change the Attribute LEvel to Root Level to test if that would allow a "|" but that did not work either.




Any pointers appreciated.