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Streaming data out of PI

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Marcos Vainer Loeff

Hi community,

Probing if there are some inputs i can use to solve my latest task. The challenge is simple: send all snapshot values from PI out to an external system (not PI). The context provides the complexity: do that every minute for 1M tags.


Let's see what we have available:

  • PI Cloud connect: Nah, only works if target is PI and we would need multiple nodes to handle the scale.
  • PI Web API: Could work, but not sure if there is any benefit over using AFSDK
  • PI ODBC / OLEDB: Could work, but really doubt if that would scale up to the required size
  • PI2PI: Would probably work, but only works if target is PI


Is the only option i have left the AFSDK? Do a signup to all my tags and just process the events or should i just pull the snapshot every minute? Do i need multi-threading or multi-process? Lots of details to consider... just getting started on my ideas.