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Coresight extensibility - possible to add child attributes from the custom symbol?

Question asked by knightk Champion on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by jgolla

I am finally having a look at the Coresight extensibility and have come up with a way of having a single symbol drop which displays alarm limits for a tag and shows these on a needle gauge, similar to the high performance HMI standard (the colour is slightly different here to keep in theme with the Coresight visual studio look!) Originally I thought I would have to use the webAPI to fetch the LoLo HiHi etc. child attributes but thought there must be a better way so I am using a Table data shape. I was dropping the child attributes onto the symbol but this felt too clunky so I have made a template with all relevant attributes in one element and it's easy enough this way to pick out the attributes I need within the symbols code and arrange them in my symbol, but ideally I would like to use child attributes and not have an element for each tag.


Looking at the data object for table, can I add additional row objects from within Coresight or is the backend handling this before exposing it via Angular? (I have very little experience with Angular but working on that!) If it's not possible, is it something that may be possible in future, does anyone see any use for being able to add additional attributes from a custom symbol? I'm just starting to tap the surface of what can be done with the extensibility but I can see a lot of cases where being able to easily add a second tag into the scope based on the first dropped attribute would really be powerful. (eg. XY plots etc)