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Telog data to PI Archive Questions

Question asked by mchung on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by tmcmanus



My company has several TELOG RTUs in remote areas that send batch data to our Telog OPC server which is stored in a SQL 2012 database.


Using OPC DA, I will only get the last value in the batch stored into our PI Server.


I've tested the PI TO Telog interface but found out it was a 32bit package and hasn't been updated to the 64bit ver and the Telog server is 2008 R2.


So my question is should I use the RDBMS interface or go with the PI OPC HDA interface?  I've also noticed on the Telog server there is only a Telog OPC DA server running and no HDA server.


I've also tried linked tables, but found large queries really taxing on the system, so I'd rather not use those.