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PI SDK - IPISubBatches2 search function parameters

Question asked by jngai on Jul 19, 2016
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When mining PI Batch DB data in MATLAB, I can typically locate the information I need by drilling down to the appropriate UnitBatch/SubBatch level and looking for particular unique items (PIUnitBatches.Item('stringA').PISubBatches.Item('stringB').PISubBatches.Item('stringC').

However, for those instances when multiple occurences of a particular SubBatch or phase are present, the Item function still only pulls the first occurrence in the list, and not an array of all occurrences.

     - Typically, when this is known, a for-loop is employed to search through the list.


I know there is a IPISubBatches2 search function --> Search = handle Search(handle, string, Variant(Optional))

Does anyone know what the search parameters are, and whether this would be applicable in terms of a more efficient data mining process?


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