Re-establish SDK connection & update trends

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Mar 20, 2009
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I have a little niggly issue that I want to get sorted in ProcessBook v3.0.15.7.


Have a whole library of Processbook controlled by a central store of routines.  In some of these routines I change the connected PI user of the SDK connection, as "switchuser" is not implemented I close the connection then re-open with required credentials. This is fine and works just great with no real overhead, but trends, multistated symbols etc all become disconnected (I guess ProcessBook hooks into PISDK.Server.Close).  Even when the PISDK connection is restored the display does not reconnect.


Now I can call "ThisDisplay.Refresh" but it does not update symbols, only something like "ThisDisplay.Revert" does because it forces a data refresh.  Is there a "nice" way to update the symbols connection to data? Revert is not an option as a user may have scrolled back in time to analyse data.