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PI Integrator for ESRI, has anyone successfully configured this with Federated login ids?

Question asked by Santosh_B on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by Santosh_B

I have 3 systems:

1: All PI (including integrator for ESRI)

2: ArcGIS for Server 10.4

3: Portal for ArcGIS server Extension 10.4 (this is the security and user manager for all our ESRI products).


Our logins are federated and we do not use built-in accounts for loging to any ESRI products.

For this purpose, i have a built-in publisher account created that can be used for configuration:

Was able to use this account for Portal login and was Feature Service is created successfully. But while verifying this login with GEE (GeoEvent Extension), it fails.

Even if i try Admin credentials, login is verified, but looks like Feature server is not cached in to GEE. probably integrator is not able to talk to Portal?


Has anyone tried this before?



~Santosh B