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    How do i configure SEL 421 to PI ICU. i think i have something wrong because it wont let me run the sel 421 pmu


      Hi i am a student studying EE and i am stepping out of my bounds a little to set up and configure a PI server to use for research and maybe build classes to teach around this but i am trying to get my server to work with a SEL 421 first to make sure i am doing or have done things right but it seems that it is not connecting to the SEL 421 PMU that is the only part i want to try to begin with.

      These are what i have installed so far:

      PI AF

      PI ICU


      PI C37118 interface


      PI STANDALONE prerequisites

      PI SMT


      I think i have the correct software but i am not 100% that it is all configured together correctly.

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          Charles Henze

          Hi Xanthius.  That is a good question; how do I verify if the installation is properly working?

          In your case, I am assuming all software is installed on one VM as a test system.  The simple answer is to check if data is generated and makes it from the source all the way to the client program. Others may have alternate methods, but here is one that should work:

          1. Open the client program, "PI System Explorer" (PSE).  It should connect to your PI System (AF Server) and a default AF Database.

          2. In the upper left is a button labeled 'Database'.  Click it and in the selection dialog right-click and create a new database, "Examples", select it and click 'OK'.

          3. Click the choice to create a new Element, 'Parent-Child' type is OK, 'Element1' name is OK (or be creative).

          4. Double click on the new Element1, in the dialog select the 'Attributes' tab and click 'new Attribute', click OK for the name 'Attribute1' (or your favorite name).

          5. To the right of the attribute dialog are some configurations, in the 'Data Reference' combo-box select "PI Point".

          6. Click 'Settings' and for the prompted 'Tag Name', type 'sinusoid' (or use the hour-glass search dialog to get a list to select from) and click 'OK'.

          7. You should now see a value for 'Attribute1'.  Click the 'Check In' button at the top of the PSE window.


          So you just proved that the installation is generating simulated data from our 'random' interface, writing it to the PI data archive.  The PI System/AF Server is running, configured, and the client can access both databases.


          So the c37118 interface should come with instructions. See if you can get it working.