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Publishing coresight pages onto the intranet for non PI users to view data

Question asked by LindseyHatfield on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by LindseyHatfield

I have created a number of pages using coresight on our single named user license.

I now wish to publish these onto the intranet so that people can see what our networks are doing and how they are holding up.


When using coresight 2015 I would send an Email to myself and add the "&mode=kiosk&hidetoolbar" which worked pretty well and limited my view, also could hide the time bar for some displays.

These do not seem to work on the new 2016 Coresight.


The end users do not need to have coresight to see these displays, but to me it looks like they are fully functional and I do not see how to differentiate between the licenced developer and a viewer of the page.


Our thoughts if Coresight is deemed useful is to have a number of developers with licences, to produce information pages for intranet (and maybe internet) veiwing.

Where is the boundry ?

coresight-full.png  coresight-kiosk.png