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Migrate to Production: Moving Changes between Environments

Question asked by bmcclure937 on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Steve Boyko

We are working through Management of Change procedures and would like to ensure changes made in our DEV environment are promoted to QA (TEST) for user acceptance testing and regression testing prior to implementation in the PROD environment. We will be using PI-to-PI interfaces to ensure our DEV and QA environments have quality data for testing and match our PROD environment.... but we are facing issues with promoting changes from DEV to TEST, then TEST to PROD.


Does OSIsoft offer any tools to migrate changes between environments (AF and PI)? If not, how are others handling this process to ensure all changes are moving accordingly and nothing is missed during the process?


If there is nothing officially offered by OSIsoft, are there plans to offer tools to better manage change and migration between environments? Do any third parties offer a tool to meet these needs?


I have done initial research and am unable to find anything on the market at this time. For such a large platform, I was surprised to find that this functionality is not baked into the toolset.