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    Future for Multistate symbols

      What does the future hold?  Will there be any more development in this specific area of ProcessBook?


      At the moment we run a fair chunk of VBA to ensure States within a Multistate are kept in sync with the attributes of the PI tag - as you know when a symbol is given a multistate it uses the span attribute.  Once you change the span the Multistate does not get updated (unless you do it manually or via automation i.e. convert to static, then recreate Multistate).


      Some nice features to introduce to Multistates may be:


      - Automatic updating of Multistates span based on assigned PI tag.
      - Allow AF datasets to be used and set a manual span.
      - Allow % of span to be used for a state (especially if automatic span update is possible).
      - Build in rate changes, step increase/decrease etc as possible states - like the "Bad Data" state.


      What do you think?

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          blink with a background color (say, instead of just disappearing, that it could turn from red to gray, or from red to invisible, or from red to black) it would make for easier reading of blinking symbols.


          I would like it to be able to click in the segment of the colors to select them (a functionality that has been lost from 3.0 to 3.1)


          Better color support for multistate library symbols.


          Manual and Auto spans for everything.


          Ability to rotate a symbol according to state






          And I do like your proposals, I wonder what other people would like to see in multistates.