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Using the PI-SDK to retrieve aliases for sub-batch items

Question asked by AndyBantly on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by ernstamort

Using the PI-SDK I am able to look up aliases for unit-batch items.  Among these is the alias for the tag, the ActivePoint.  It is not clear to me how to do this for sub-batch items that are children of unit batch items.  The sub-batch item does not contain a PIUnit property with which to use for looking up aliases.  How do I look up Aliases, in particular the one with the tag name, for sub-batch items?


As an example here is a screen shot of the batch database where I followed the course material to input the "My Pulp Co." process.  I am trying to get to the SubBatchSupport->Operations->Aliases->ActivePoint=PP:Digest1.OP.