How to Create a New Guid for addin templates

Discussion created by arash.khoddamy on Mar 26, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2009 by spilon

I am using the ProcessBook 3.x .NET Add-In Templates (VB.NET) but every time I create a new toolbar project I get the same GuidAttribute . I need to create several toolbars so how do I Create new GuidAttribute for each one?


Example of the lines in the code.


 <GuidAttribute("D271DBD7-C958-4574-A94F-3A0CFBE57152"), ProgIdAttribute("Addin_ProcessBook_Tools.Connect")> _


<GuidAttribute("D271DBD7-C958-4574-A94F-3A0CFBE57152"), ProgIdAttribute("AddinPBToolbar_VB1.Connect")> _