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How to get PI AF Server available to PISystemPicker in visual studio

Question asked by Kaushal on Jul 29, 2016
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I followed this video: Not authorized to view the specified discussion 1205 and attached "OSIsoft.AF.UI", "OSIsoft.AFSDK" DLLs in project. Also register "OSIsoft.AF.UI" in toolbox for "PISystemPicker", "AFDatabasePicker".

CS Code:

public Form1()




            //Connect the system picker to the database picker

            afDatabasePicker1.SystemPicker = piSystemPicker1;



- Visual Studio is at another computer "A" where no PI components installed.

- PI Server and it's components are at different server.

- Both computer "A" and PI Server is in same domain but logged as different credentials.

- I added trust in SMT.


Still, it's not going to show PI Server in PISystemPicker.


Thanks & Rgards,

Kaushal Jani