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Coresight 2016 Extensibility - highcharts-more

Question asked by RobNelsonEELLC on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by jgolla

Hi everybody.


I have been working with the new coresight and the extensibilty piece, using the highcharts.js file.


Now my big boss really wants a radar/polar plot, for this, according to the highcharts website I need to have the highcharts-more.js file accessible. The problem is that when I put that file in the PIPC\Coresight\Scripts\app\editor\symbols\ext\libraries folder it stops all of my previously working parts stop working....


I am out of ideas as I am teaching myself Java as I go, so not the most experienced


I have tried an IIS reset but that doesn't work, when I delete the -more file from the folder and refresh my coresight page it works straight away!


Any ideas or help much appreciated.