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    OSIsoft official position on use of Citrix / SoftGrid


      Hi All,




      Do OSIsoft have any official statement of support / lack of support for using client applications on Citrix  and / or Citrix - SoftGrid?

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          Well, I do not know the official statement, I can tell you what I think, my opion as both, a Citrix installer in my previous job and a Citrix user thought.


          You should be aware that what Citrix supports is kind of allowing multiple instance of the same application to run at the same time and to be used by different users, that could violate some of the terms of the licenses of the software you are using.


          I guess what I'm trying to say is, what is it specifically that you are interested in asking? Architecture support? Compatibility? License issues?

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              I'm not sure about the licensing stuff, but I can tell you that ProcessBook is tested with Citrix and we handle support calls for ProcessBook running on Citrix.

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                  In an attempt to answer the original question and add on the last comment from David Hollebeek (i.e. we do support PI ProcessBook running on Citrix), I would like to remind that "end-user" type questions (as well as "PI Admin" ones) should still be directed to our regular Technical Support. The vCampus forums and its other resources such as webinars are trying to focus on the programming and integration areas. Hope this helps!

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                      Sam Pride

                      Hi Mike,


                      As Steve has mentioned, this is a techsupport issue, and quite a common question. In techsupport, the response we normally send to our customers is something along the lines of:

                      Multiple ProcessBook installations can be run on a Citrix server. Even though none of our clients were designed for or tested in a Citrix environment, we will support them as much as we can. Some of our customers do use OSI client products like ProcessBook in the Citrix environment and we have no known issues using PI clients with Citrix. For most customers it works quite well, but some customers can't get it to work at all. The recommended environment is Windows NT/2000/XP for client applications. ProcessBook and DataLink will both allow for concurrent users in a Citrix environment.

                      In a typical Citrix installation, the server administrator will install new software directly on the server (that is, not in a Citrix session) and the user will run the application within a Citrix session where disk storage is provided by virtual drives that do not usually match the physical drive assignments on the server. The main issue of concern is the file pipc.ini, which is located in the windows directory. This file points to the location of the pipc directory:

                      PIPCSHARE=C:\Program Files\PIPC
                      PIHOME=C:\Program Files\PIPC

                      The pipc.ini file will be created when the adminstrator runs the installation, and the paths it contains will only be valid for a user at the server console. Within the Citrix session, the path must be corrected so that it reflects the path to PIPC within the Citrix session. If each user on the system has his or her own windows directory, the pipc.ini should be copied into each users virtual windows directory with corrected paths.


                      This was taken directly from a call (and there are many very similar calls, we all love clipboard inheritance). I believe this content has been submitted for review and may appear as a support note in our public TechSupport Knowledge base eventually.




                      In regards to SoftGrid, when recently asked if PB is supported on SoftGrid, the ProcessBook Product manager responded with the following:

                      We keep an eye on Microsoft's directions with their operating systems and technologies. In that light, we'll be reviewing SoftGrid and what it brings to deployment options, but we can't make any statements today. Does the customer have some plans that might influence our direction?


                      So, whilst current versions do not support SoftGrid, we have yet to finalize our position on it. If you are considering using SoftGrid to deploy ProcessBook or any other PI products, please feel free to shoot an email off to TechSupport and let us know what you want to do. We will be able to create a new PunchList item if one does not exist, or attach it to an existing request. These are frequently reviewed by our product teams who decide what/how/when to implement new features. Letting us know that you would like something doesn't always guarantee we will implement it, but it does increase its chances.


                      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.