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    User Conference

      Just wondering what was presented at the UC for vCampus..?  Was there much interest etc


      Personally, vCampus has been a long time coming and is invaluable.  Any chance of posting up any media that was used..?

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          @RJK: quite an interesting timing for posting this: I just published a blog post about this!


          In this blog post we talk about our upcoming webinar (Discoveries from UC2009) which will cover the announcements made at the UC, especially regarding the data access technologies.


          As for posting up any media that was used, this will be done via our corporate website as for past events. Historically, PowerPoint presentations are made available, as well as the recordings (audio-video) for the keynotes. Stay tuned!


          Oh and believe me, everybody was pretty excited about vCampus last week at the UC... I'm pretty sure we'll see the (positive) effects of that on the community, in the coming days/weeks.