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AF Custom DataReference

Question asked by arm77 on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by arm77

Hi All.


I have a custom datareference which can pull data from any Oledb Data source(Oracle or SQL)

For individual Attributes, it works fine.


i want to further optimize the DR, so that similar calls to DB can be consoildated.


Fro example I have 4 attribute in an element and each attribute maps to  a Column in the same table.


When i fetch values for the element, my DR makes 4 calls[one for a each of the 4 attributes] .i want to consolidate the DB calls, such that i make a single call to DB [Fetch all columns].


I know i need to override the below static method.


static AFValues GetValue(AFAttributeList attributes, object context, object timeContext);



I have set the SupportedMethods to  AFDataReferenceMethod.MultipleAttributes




Still the DR's individual GetValue is called from AFAttributeList.GetValue()


Does any one have detailed developer documentation for creating  custom datareference or any sample code?

That will be helpfull


Thanks in advance