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Providing parameters / filter data from an RtTable to an RtValues table?

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Apr 20, 2009
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Hi guys


I have a database query (pi oledb) where I get data in this format into an RtTable:


timestamp    tag1tag2tag3tag4
time1 tag1_1.value     tag2_1.value     tag3_1.value     tag4_1.value
time2 tag1_2.value tag2_2.value tag3_2.value tag4_2.value
time3 tag1_3.value tag2_3.value tag3_3.value tag4_3.value
time4 tag1_4.value tag2_4.value tag3_4.value tag4_4.value


I have set up a behaviour for this dataset, where I've made the timestamp column into a hyperlink.


The background for my setup is a report where users want to see a set of control measurements registered once per hour, and they always want to see the four latest registrations in the list above. In addition to the four tags shown, there will be 6 more tags registered at the same timestamp. These 6 tags will be configured to be shown in an RtValues table. I want to show the values for those 6 tags - at the time of the selected timestamp from the RtTable!


So basically: User clicks on time1 in RtTable, and the 6 tags in the RtValues table will display the values registered in PI at that exact time (time1).




The RtValues webpart is set up to show Time, Tag and Value. I've also set up the Filter Value to be Time. The next thing I want to do, is select "Send filter data to" from the Connections menu for the RtTable, and select RtValues. In my perfect world, the timestamp sent by RtTable and received in RtValues would then filter the timestamps for the 6 tags in the RtValues table - thus making my day :)


But I end up with the dialog in the image below. It seems like the RtValues webpart doesn't support receiving filter data. Is there any other way I can solve this?


 (I even tried providing parameter data from the RtTable to the RtValues webpart, but that just makes the RtValues treat the received data as a tagname).






I'm using RtWebParts with Sharepoint Services 3.0 (not MOSS) btw!