Creative Final Projects for Developing Applications with PI AF SDK Course

Discussion created by jmoretti on Aug 12, 2016
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After taking the Developing Applications with PI AF SDK course, the instructor and I talked about ideas for a final project.  I wanted to do a custom Data Reference, but since I work for a Systems Integrator, I had no company data to work with and was not willing to work on customer's data for this course.  So the idea from the instructor was as follows:


Write a Data Reference which returns a Fact from the Chuck Norris API. Bonus points for using another AF Attribute as an input value, scaling that to the range of available Fact IDs, and making requested Fact depend on that input.


Couldn't resist this one.  Below are some screenshots of it in action.  The Configuration allows you to either type in a joke ID from their database or to grab the ID from an existing attribute.  You can preview the joke before hitting OK.  Both a fun example and good practice for writing custom DRs, which is exactly why I took the class.  If you're stuck on ideas, feel free to reach out to your instructor first, but don't limit yourself to working exclusively with PI data.  With custom Data References, you can do just about anything!




Configuration pane in PSE:

Error handling: