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AF SDK Update many tags attributes

Question asked by soltalon on Aug 23, 2016
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I am working on a program to update and create tags based on another system.  Within the AF SDK there is a wonderful function of OSISoft.AF.PI.PIServer called CreatePIPoints.  This function allows me to create a great many tags in a single call and works perfectly.  I need to do something similar with updating tags, so that I can adjust security settings, digitalsets, descriptors, etc as they change in our other system.

I have found the PI.PIPoint SetAttribute and SaveAttribute, but this process only works on individual points and takes a long time to process large numbers of tags.  I also found the PI.PIPointList SaveAttributes, but this assumes that all points in the list are going to share the same attribute values.  My program needs to be able to customize each points attributes and update them to the server in large numbers.

The PI SDK had a function for this called EditTags, is there something like this in the AF SDK that I am missing?