Navigation between displays in ActiveView

Discussion created by AlistairFrith on Apr 30, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by Guilherme Ferreira

I am trying to create a dashboard system to be viewed in ActiveView. The displays need to include links to various places including the 'previous' display. If you just add a button to open a display, I can see no way of passing any information, such as a breadcumb trail to the new display. I have thought of a solution but thought it worth describing to the community before I start experimenting in case anyone can see problems with it or suggest a better way.


Essentially, when a 'link' is pressed, it calls a procedure that opens the target display, passes the breadcrumb trail and any other information to the new display by calling some functions within the new display, then closes the current display. These displays are being generated by a .NET addin, not that this makes any difference to the problem at hand.


Essentially the question is, will this work in ActiveView? Can I have 2 displays open at once in ActiveView and can I pass information fom one to the other? My ActiveView test environment is a bit SNAFU at the moment so it's hard to verify this stuff!


--- Alistair.