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AF Analysis gets completely different results in 'Preview Results'

Question asked by calmandrysdale Champion on Aug 21, 2016
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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, however, I have an analysis which runs twice daily. It calls TagTot on two different attributes and adds the results together (I have BadVal error checking in place which gives a zero on bad val).


The data in the archive is as follows for the stored output tag ( left picture); the data from 'Preview Results' with the correct values showing for the analysis is on the right.


The values didnt appear to be correct, so i went and looked at the analyses and found that when i do a 'Preview results' the values are totally different and are actually correct. Running a backfill does not then give the correct answers in the pi tag but leaves them as the incorrect values.



I am hoping someone can explain:


1) Why this behaviour is happening?


2) What steps are available to prevent this in the future?


3) How can i backfill such that the numbers in the archive match what i am  seeing  in 'Preview results'?