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Is there a limit on posting point data to Pi Server in single request ?

Question asked by AniketAmrutkar on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by jyi

I am using following API for posting timeseries data to my Pi Tag :
POST :  /piwebapi/streams/<webId>/recorded

Sample Body : [


    "Timestamp": "2016-01-03T18:16:00Z",

    "Value": 42.91



    "Timestamp": "2016-01-03T21:57:00Z",

    "Value": 42.91


. .. . ...


I am posting 1000 rows at a time in the request. 
I am using following api for checking recorded Data :

GET : /piwebapi/streamsets/recorded?webId=<webId>&startTime=*-1Y
But getting only last value in the result.


But If I post values one by one then getting all the values in the GET api response.


Can you please help me in the above case.
How many points can I Post in single request ?