Why SDK is Crashing ???

Discussion created by phmack on May 8, 2009
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I'm using SKD to retrieve values into my software.
I made 817 access to pi with InterpolatedValues2 method.


When i finished loading correctly my data, The windows task manager gets imediately over-loaded (100%) .
I waited 50 secondes and the SDK crashed as well as my application.


if I try to stop my application during the over-loaded period, I receive error message such as:
"the instruction "0X02a72c69" use the adress memory "0X0f2a4574" the memory can not be use on READ"


In the log file, i can see at the end of file:
    10:57:09 OBJ:ENTRY (6096)[mSTA] Level(010) PIData.InterpolatedValues2  // last call
        10:57:09 GEN:ENTRY (6096)[mSTA] Level(010) CPI3PIPoint.TimedValues
            10:57:09 WIRE:ENTRY (6096)[mSTA] Level(010) ArGetArcEvents
            10:57:09 WIRE:EXIT  (6096)[mSTA] Level(010) ArGetArcEvents 0
    10:57:09 OBJ:ENTRY (6096)[mSTA] Level(122) StateSet.Item
    10:57:09 OBJ:EXIT  (6096)[mSTA] Level(122) StateSet.Item 0
        10:57:09 GEN:EXIT  (6096)[mSTA] Level(010) CPI3PIPoint.TimedValues 0
    10:57:09 OBJ:EXIT  (6096)[mSTA] Level(010) PIData.InterpolatedValues2 0
    10:57:09 OBJ:ENTRY (6096)[mSTA] Level(120) PIValues.Item
    10:57:09 OBJ:EXIT  (6096)[mSTA] Level(120) PIValues.Item 0
    10:57:10 OBJ:ENTRY (6096)[CUR] Level(001) ~SDKSessionMgr
    10:57:10 OBJ:EXIT  (6096)[CUR] Level(001) ~SDKSessionMgr 0


Do you have any idea?


Thanks in advance for your help,




Larbouillat Christophe
Software developer