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How to store arrangement of Processbook toolbars

Question asked by timove_b on Aug 29, 2016
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I've searched through the forum for a similar case but I couldn't find one. My problem is that if I rearrange the toolbars (not removing/adding), and reopen Processbook they are back to some kind of default layout. I see that PBToolbarConfig.ini changes when i close Processbook so something is changed in that file, but the layout does not seem to be stored. I've also tried to rename the ini-file in case it was corrupted, but that did not help. The problem seems to affect just some of the toolbars (for instance the time range toolbar).


Before change:



After change, but before Processbook-restart



After Processbook-restart:



This issue is seen in both Processbook 2014 and 2015.