SharePoint Web Parts in a PI Environment

Discussion created by paulverey on May 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by Asle Frantzen

Can you imagine a client that has a big investment in PI Enterprise Servers running as a PI Collective serving up 0.5M points of extremely valuable process data into a dashboard/portal environment for presentation, analysis and decision making. So far so good, but then this client tells you he is not keen on PI WebParts!


Question is, how do we persuade him that PI WebParts really are the best components to use in this scenario given their superb integration with the PI Server, their Web Part communication capability, real-time refresh and so on? Despite this the client insists on the use of other Web Part catalogues.


Another question, how good can the Dundas Charts product be, or Chart FX, both companies offer SharePoint Web Parts, can they be effective in a PI environment. Are there any other Web Part catalogues that should be consisdered before we really do persuade the client of the error of his ways? Has anyone got views/experience of 3rd party Web Parts directly accessing PI?