Creating a dataset in code

Discussion created by AlistairFrith on May 13, 2009
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Similar to the 'Editing a dataset in code' thread, I am writing a VB.Net Processbook addin that needs to create a dataset in code and then edit it. Here's my code:

Dim ds As PBObjLib.Dataset
ds = m_Application.ActiveDisplay.Datasets.Add("MyNewDS", pINewdataset)

as instructed by the Processbook VBA language reference. However, that is talking about VBA within Processbook and this is in VB.Net so I get the error


Error    7    Name 'pINewdataset' is not declared.


so how do I get it to recognise pINewDataset? Or is there something else I should put as the provider?


Also, are there implications for datasets when viewed in ActiveView? The .Net Addin is not used in ActiveView, it only creates the displays but the displays will contain datasets. do I need to be wary of this?




--- Alistair.