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    Intercepting data written to Snapshot


      We have multiple web portals reading data from our PI system. To improve the performance of the web applications we want to cache the most recent (24 hrs) PI data in a separate system. Is there anyway to intercept data written to the snapshot? We do not want to query the data from the data archive in fixed time intervals and write to the other system, but we are trying to find a way to know when data gets written to the snapshot and and run some code to push the same data to the other system.

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          Dan Fishman

          I would recommend taking a look at the AFDataPipe to signup for snapshot updates.  You could also use the AFDataCache, will will also signup for updates and you can set it to cache the values for the last 24 hours.  There are a lot of posts on AFDataPipe on PISquare so you want want search a little.  Note, when you signup for snapshots you are values that have not gone through the PI Data Archive compression yet so you will have higher fidelity data than what is in the PI Data Archive.

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