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Trending Alarm data from SQL into Processbook along with Timeseries data

Question asked by MayurChawathe on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by Marcos Vainer Loeff

I am looking at two systems here. One is a system which stores Alarm data on SQL server as the backend. Also i have the PI system and AF which is utilizing the templates to model equipment.

We are in the process of utilizing these models in Processbook  displays for monitoring the status of these equipment.


Now we have unique requirement , we want to display the alarm data along side the process data in a trend. Something like pressure of a pump displayed along with any alarms raised by it over the same duration.


Please can you help me workout a way to achieve this. We understand that we can use AF tables to store such information and it will be updated frequently, however we are unable to understand how to trend this data.