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    Juwi sponsors our hackathon in Berlin!

    Ahmad Fattahi

      As announced earlier the theme of our next programming hackathon at UC Berlin is innovation around renewable energy. Juwi has kindly sponsored the event with their real operational data (obfuscated for privacy purposes) from thousands of data streams and hundreds of assets. The hackers will have a great data set and a ready-to-go development environment to compete, learn, brainstorm, and win big. In order to understand the business challenge better we asked Thomas Weiss from Juwi to explain to us what their challenges are; the result is the short video below. I recommend all registered and potential hackers to watch this video before the hackathon on Sep 26, 2016. If not registered yet, you may need to act quickly as we are getting close to sell out again!


      Juwi - Thomas Weiss - Video.jpg