Server IDs

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on May 15, 2009
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Need some clarification.


When a server is added to the PISDK Connections it adds the server and you can see the details of the server including its server ID.  Also, during the connection being added a PISDK Server Alias is added, which appears to differ from the actual Server ID of the server.  Why?


Then when you use a DNS alias for a PI system you get another PISDK Server Alias added.




- Got any nice documentation or brain dumps on Server IDs?  In particular on how SDK handles ServerIDs/Connections.
- Why is the PI server ServerID/GUID not inherited in the PISDK Server Alias?  Presume the Server Alias added is based on the name..?


Now onto collectives:


- What would cause 2 clients to have a different Server Alias added for the same PI Collective name?