An updated version of the vCampus PI Products Kit is now available!

Discussion created by spilon on May 19, 2009
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An updated copy of the vCampus PI Products Kit (May 2009) was made available on the vCampus Download Center; this kit allows you to install your personal development PI System. Please keep on reading for the details and post any question you may have on the Generic vCampus Discussions forum.


Once again this kit is conveniently provided as a DVD Image (a .ISO file) such that you can install all of its products on the same machine, or mimic a more typical installation by installing the various products over different machines. If you are not familiar with the use of DVD images, I invite you to review this webinar and its accompanying text.


Also please make sure you consult the ReadMe.html file at the root of the DVD, for instructions on using the kit as well as a complete listing of the products it contains (the ReadMe file should open automatically when you load the DVD).


Just like any other regular PI System, a PI License file is required to install the PI Server component (the kit provides a 30-day temporary license for your convenience). If this is your first installation and you haven't generated your personal PI License file already, please go to the My License Activations section of the Technical Support website - or simply follow the "Link to MLA" hyperlink on the vCampus Download Center.


Below is a list of the differences from the previous kit (November 2008):

  • PI Server v3.4.375.91 (PR1 SP1b)
  • AF Client/Server v2.0.4.2025
  • PI SDK v1.3.6.363
  • PI ProcessBook v.3.1
    • With patch
    • Timeout: June 2010*
  • PI DataLink v4.0.0.0
    • Timeout: June 2010*
  • PI DataLink for Excel Services v4.0.4.3
  • AF Modeler for PB v1.2.0.1359
    • Plus AF 1.5 Compatibility Layer
  • AF and PI Notifications Developer Tools

* Unlike the rest of your PI System, which expires at the end of your vCampus subscription (this is controlled by the PI License file), the PI ProcessBook and PI DataLink setup kits are hardcoded with specific timeouts. We shall provide updated kits when appropriate.