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Using the web api is there a way to query all current values of all attributes of an entity if some attributes reference PI Points but some do not?

Question asked by JRJacobs91 on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by JRJacobs91

I've seen references to StreamSets, but I want to be able to get all values for all attributes even if they aren't tied to PI Points.


When I query all attributes for an entity this is one of them:


      "Id": "7d70ac19-281b-54b3-0a48-40fb0bf6cb62",

      "Name": "BusinessUnit",

      "Description": "The Organization Unit responsible for this Facility",

      "Path": "\\\\random\\random",

      "Type": "String",

      "TypeQualifier": "",

      "DefaultUnitsName": "",

      "DataReferencePlugIn": "",

      "ConfigString": "",

      "IsConfigurationItem": true,

      "IsExcluded": false,

      "IsHidden": false,

      "IsManualDataEntry": false,

      "HasChildren": false,

      "CategoryNames": [

        "Master Data"


      "Step": true,



It doesn't have DataReferencePlugIn as PI Point.


In the links section the access to its value is achieved with the URL:


This is different from PI Point attributes which have the format of


My main goal here is to be able to query against and asset and get a snapshot of all of the values of all attributes.