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    Using the web api is there a way to query all current values of all attributes of an entity if some attributes reference PI Points but some do not?


      I've seen references to StreamSets, but I want to be able to get all values for all attributes even if they aren't tied to PI Points.


      When I query all attributes for an entity this is one of them:


            "Id": "7d70ac19-281b-54b3-0a48-40fb0bf6cb62",

            "Name": "BusinessUnit",

            "Description": "The Organization Unit responsible for this Facility",

            "Path": "\\\\random\\random",

            "Type": "String",

            "TypeQualifier": "",

            "DefaultUnitsName": "",

            "DataReferencePlugIn": "",

            "ConfigString": "",

            "IsConfigurationItem": true,

            "IsExcluded": false,

            "IsHidden": false,

            "IsManualDataEntry": false,

            "HasChildren": false,

            "CategoryNames": [

              "Master Data"


            "Step": true,



      It doesn't have DataReferencePlugIn as PI Point.


      In the links section the access to its value is achieved with the URL:




      This is different from PI Point attributes which have the format of https://random.net/piwebapi/stream/webidofattribute/value


      My main goal here is to be able to query against and asset and get a snapshot of all of the values of all attributes.