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    hiding pi tags groups?


      is it possible to hide a pi group in a screen and make a new group appear in its place using a single pi tag?

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          Kenji Hashimoto

          Do you use PI ProcessBook?

          Does pi group means Symbol objects that are grouped by Arrange > Group?

          For hide and appear, you can use Visible property in the VBA.

          Following code can hides the Group1's objects. ("Composite1" is the name of Group1, so you can change it to "Composite2" for Group 2)

          Dim sym As Symbol
          Dim symInside As Symbol
              For Each sym In ThisDisplay.Symbols
                  If sym.Type = 0 Then ' pbsymbolcomposite'
                      If sym.Name = "Composite1" Then
                          For Each symInside In sym.GroupedSymbols
                              symInside.Visible = False
                          Next symInside
                      End If
                  End If
              Next sym


          Also for appearing the objects, you can use Visible = True.

          Adding that, if you set visible = False, these objects cannot be seen for run mode.

          Although remember that Build mode shows all objects for editing.

          I think you want to hide/show by one tag value.

          You can use Display DataUpdate events. It is called every 5 seconds by default.

          If you are talking about different things, please explain more.

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              thank you for your suggestion above. I will make good use of it in the future.


              Yes I am working in PI process book.

              Correct Group under arrange is what I am talking about.


              I have been asked to change between these 2 screen looks.


              to this


              triggered off bog blending changing. this is changed by a panel operator when needed day by day.

              so I can use this via a change trigger. I tried several things without total success.

              first I am working on the group in the lower right. since the format is the same. I tried to change

              the value to use another pi tag.  the tag did change successfully but displayed "no data". read somewhere that I need to run the command twice to make the data update but that gave me a compile error. not sure how to get the data to update for this pi tag when changed.

              since it is only 2 groups. I made them invisible and visible individually as needed. though I would like to get the ability to change a value or other to a new pi tag with data and get it to work. I could use this in many other situations.