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Digital tags going from 0 to Bad in stead of 0 to 1

Question asked by torsteins on Sep 15, 2016
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I have some digital tags coming from a customer through a PI to PI interface.

Due to wrong configuration at the customer's side, these tags get "Bad" when equal to 1 (and 0 when equal to 0).


Is there any preferred solutions for fixing these on my side?

I have tried using an Event-Triggered Analysis, however it does not give good results. It does not seem as 0 to Bad is recognized as an event.

I have also tried using a Performance Equation setting up a new tag saying tag is equal to 0 when input is 0, else 1. This does not work for shorter pulses, and messes up timestamps for longer pulses.


The best solution would be to fix at customer side, but this is not done quickly and we are looking for a solution that allows us to use the tags as inputs for other analysis and plotting in the meantime.


Any good suggestions are very much appreciated