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PI Data Link 2015 Issue

Question asked by Joe Devine on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by jyi

Hello All, I have been tracking down an issue with PI Data Link 2015 and I am hoping someone else has seen this issue.  Our customer has a very large spreadsheet with multiple Data Link calls on multiple sheets.  They enter the data on the first sheet and then the report runs for the remaining sheets.  The report worked without issue with Data Link 2014 SP1 but once they upgraded to 2015A all of the numbers were simply wrong.  I figured out that it is related to the way the time is referenced through Excel formulas accross multiple sheets.  If I enter time directly in the Data Link Call that should be the same as the formula I get the correct answer but if I enter the formulas for referring to the time through multiple sheets then the answer is simply wrong so I can only assume the Data Link function is interpreting the time incorrectly.  Has anyone else seen this?  Is there a solution?