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AF Retrieve only one value from start and end timestamped totaliser point

Question asked by calmandrysdale Champion on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by calmandrysdale

Morning all,


A client we are working with has all their totalizer pi points configured to store the results at both the start and end time for the totalizer period.


This results in a pi point which is timestamped at 8.01am and 8.59am with the same value; then 9.01am and 9.59am with the same value, etc.


I am attempting to work with these totalizer points, but want to retrieve just one value for the hour within an attribute. so when the attribute is plotted it would have a value at 8.01am, 9.01am etc


I am not having much luck configuring this in AF - I have tried different time retrieval methods; overriding time ranges etc in the PI Point value configuration.


Any suggestions as to what to try to achieve this?


The client is not keen to change the poitn configuration as it has been like this for many years.