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Licence to deploy PI SDK applications?

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on May 27, 2009
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Hi guys


I've been made aware of something that seems a bit strange to me, when it comes to licensing.


In the FAQ for vCampus, we can read:


Q. What PI software does it include?
The kit of PI software provided on vCampus contains the following:

  • Servers: PI Server, AF Server, Notifications Server, ACE Server
  • Clients: PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink, PI WebParts (which includes PI DataLink for Excel Services), PItoPI Interface
  • Data Access Technologies - PI OLEDB Provider, PI OPC DA/HDA Server, PI SDK and AF SDK (which includes the Notifications SDK)

Q. Is the Virtual Campus a direct replacement for the DAP, DA or "PI Development Server" components?
No - it's easy to confuse vCampus with "DAP/DA/PI Development Server" but they are very distinct in reality. Let's take a closer look at them:

  • vCampus takes care of the "development" of applications; among other things, the vCampus subscription provides you with what used to be the "PI Development Station" in the component price list.
  • DAP and DA are "deployment" licenses; that's what must be purchased by end-users in order to deploy applications that were developed with vCampus.

This basically says that the licence to develop SDK applications, is included with a vCampus subscription.
And that in order to deploy this SDK application, you need the DAP / DA.
It is true that the DAP includes PI SDK, but the DAP isn't being sold any more. Right now we can buy the DA, which does NOT include PI SDK.


Does this mean that only customers who bought DAP (some time ago) can deploy SDK applications, and not customers who bought the (new) DA package?