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SetValue including a Timestamp for PI AF Attributes using data reference <None>

Question asked by mlemus on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by mlemus

I would like to update the timestamp of an attribute that has data reference <None>, using PI Web API and the SetValue PUT attributes/{webId}/value functionality. We have a larger plan - a use case for us is that we have many PI AF attributes that behave like static values and we have no interest  in tracking if or when those change but we would like to know the current value and the timestamp that was grabbed from the external source. These PI AF attributes are currently using Table Lookup references and we want to get away from this functionality and use a web service model to update these types of attributes only when changed. Using Fiddler as a test, I can set the value but not the timestamp. I was was able to update a new child-attribute called Timestamp, with value of timestamp, but that seems like a waste. PI AF Attributes, like PI Points, should be able to have a timestamp value other than 1970-01-01, right?