Auto sizing the rtGraphic Web Part to fit SVG Size

Discussion created by IanGore on May 28, 2009
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I'm currently putting together a "scorecard" sharepoint page using a combination of rtGraphic web-parts and another charting web-part (rtTrend doesn't have the functionality I need).


I'd like to have everything on the page auto-resize.  However I'm having problems with the way the rtGraphic Web Part sizes itself. 


What I want to see is something like the top part of the attached image.  Ie the Web Part sized around the graphic.  To achieve this I had to size the web part explicitly but then it won't resize.


If I don't size the Web-part explicitly, I get something like the bottom part of the attached image.  This will resize properly when I change the page size but I get the "white" space at the top and bottom of the graphic - which I don't want.


Is it possible to set up the Sharepoint Page/Web Part so that the Web part will autosize itself around the SVG?




Ian Gore