Retreiving multiple aggregates values

Discussion created by ygalipeau on May 28, 2009
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Good morning,


i am using pi sdk to extract PI data from a vb 6 app. in several case, i need to retreive a lot of aggregates values for non regular interval. for example, i may need the max of Tag a for the following interval:


1:12 - 2:39
3:47 - 4:21
4:59 - 7:41


my question: currently i am using the Summary method to which i provide StartTime, EndTime, SummaryType.


that means that if i have 250 non-regular intervals, i will call the summary method 250 time. is there another way that i could pass start time and end time array to pi and retreive all the aggregates in one call to pi?




yannick galipeau