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    Server Name




      I am new to PI and I installed the PI in my laptop. The problem is that it says it fails to connect to PI server (my laptop name-PC) (SDK connect to server). I am wondering how the server name should be.





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          The server name should be the host name of your computer (note you can also connect to it using its IP address, by adding it to the PI SDK Known Servers List, via the "About PI-SDK" application).


          If you just installed the PI Server, make sure it is started:

          • Use the \PI\adm\pisrvstart.bat and \PI\adm\pisrvstop.bat files to start and stop PI
          • Check whether the various "PI" Services are started (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services)
            But don't start or stop them for this window - use the .bat scripts mentioned above!
          • During the setup process you had an option to have the PI Server start automatically; if you set it that way, then it will start automatically the next time you start your PC.

          If you are new to PI, please allow me suggest you go through the PI System Manager I: Essential Skills training course, available as:

          Also, don't hesitate to contact our regular technical support team for PI administration and usage questions: techsupport@osisoft.com or +1-510-297-5828.


          Hope this helps!