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    Coresight trend not editable


      We are using Coresight2016.

      In some cases trend-display is not editable/configurable:

      - Cannot change trend-scale when in event-details. In this case the trend-cursor is also not available

      - When a trend is stared by double-clicking a table-object, the trend is also not editable (cannot Add/Hide/remove traces and also not edit the scales).

      Is this standard behavior or is something wrong with our coresight setup?

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          Hi Hans,


          If I'm understanding you correctly, this is standard behavior.  When you are looking at the details via a double click, it's just give you a more detailed picture of the tag or attribute you are looking at.  You should still be able to zoom on parts of the detailed graph though by clicking and dragging your mouse pointer (forming a selection box).  Is this not possible for you?