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    Error 429: Active X component can not create the object:


      I have built my first tag and wanted to search this tag via Tag Search tab. When I press the search tab it gives me Error 429 and  it comes with Call Stack. Search results: Reset,...


      The title name of the window is PISDK Dialog error handler.


      Could you please tell me what is wrong with that?



        • Re: Error 429: Active X component can not create the object:
          Sam Pride



          This seems to be an error in either the product in which you invoked the Tag Search or with the installation/configuration of the various PI components. This should really be addressed with Tech Support.


          Tech Support will require asome further information to help diagnose your issue, so providing it from the outset will expediate the process. you should email support@osisoft.com the following information and they will respond suprisingly fast!

          • Description of the error.
          • What product invoked the error.
          • Exact error messages.
          • Procedure to reproduce the error.
          • Screenshots or configuration files relevant to the issue.
          • Any Log files.
          • Version information for the products involved.

          If, after contacting Tech Support (TechSupport@osisoft.com or +1-510-297-5828), you are still experiencing the issues, email vCampus@osisoft.com with the call number and we will try and follow it up.


          Happy PI-ing!