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Visual studio productivity enhancers

Discussion created by Sam Pride on Jun 1, 2009
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Hi All,


Whilst at Uni, a lecturer once told me that "A Lazy software engineer is a good software engineer". Whilst I'm sure he was talking about using COTS solutions or building some reusability into deisgns, I took it to heart (and at purely face value).


Before joining OSIsoft, I was a full-time developer and quickly learnt many time-saving keyboard shortcuts in Visual studio (I can still perfectly shape the Ctrl+Shift+B shape with my fingers, no where near a keyboard!). This was originally a time-saving bonus, but I think it fits well with the lesson the lecturer shared.


Taking this one step further are the various Visual Studio producticity enhancers, such as CodeRush, Resharper etc. I've not really used these with any sort of malice, but have been looking into them more and more recently. Has anybody on vCampus used these or similar tools and can comment on them?


Conversely, does anyone else follow Charles Petzold's sentiments that visual studio rots the mind.