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Are there methods in the PI-SDK that cause automatic login to a PI server when using the Server object?

Question asked by AndyBantly on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by gachen

I have developed a generic searching mechanism, using the PI-SDK, to give me a list of tags associated with a Batch or Unit Batch ID.  They are based on the SDK methods PIBatchSearch and PIUnitBatchSearch.  PIBatchSearch is a method of the Server object. PIUnitBatchSearch is a method of the Server.PIModuleDB object.  I only have one PI server to test against.  My client, a very large pharmaceutical, has multiple PI servers.  After using my mechanism their system shows that all servers are logged into.  The only time my mechanism logs into a server is when using the connections dialog, either for automatic login or credential based login.  This problem is very confounding.  Could there be a possibility that the clients system is configured in such a way that logging into one server causes a login to the other server?