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InterpolatedValuesAtTimes compressed?

Question asked by night2day on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by night2day

Hello community,


just working on my COM-AFWrapper i get as surprising result on my InterpolatedValuesAtTimes routines.

It seems the resultset gives back compressed values.  I saw these with a filterEpressssion set e.g. 'sinusoid' > 80

and includeFilteredValues set to true. To my surprise not EVERY filtered result is in the resultset. If there is

some "Filtered" data in sequence, every aditional "Filtered" not appears.


This is a bit infelicitous, because InterpolatedValuesAtTimes (aka timeed data) is mostely useful to compose

values of different Points/Attributes onto a given time series one by one in columns.


Is there a chance to change this behavior?Not I'am not able to implement a routine as workarround but this costs a lot of dictionary action and will be time

consuming at greater queries.